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New cloud-based IT infrastructure provides greater flexibility for Archus

Archus provide strategic advice to clients in the health and social care sector. Their team of specialists provide consultancy services across the UK and internationally. Since their formation in 2017, Archus has advised on more than 300 healthcare projects in the UK alone. With ambitions to expand their business, Archus required an IT environment to connect its fast-growing team of 60+ employees.

“As a consultancy business we need our team to be able to work remotely and flexibly” Head of Corporate Services, Jess Randall shared “so whilst still continuing to ensure that we have suitable standards in place, we wanted to work in partnership with a company who would allow us that flexibility and provide IT solutions that better suited our business”.

Archus partnered with Grapevine to migrate their IT infrastructure to a fully cloud-based Microsoft 365 solution. This included centralising management of their email, data, security, compliance, device and application deployment, as well as allowing them to utilise additional tools such as cloud back up, anti-virus, remote management and monitoring. In addition to this, Grapevine also provide management of Archus’ business mobile contracts.

Mark Newton, Principal IT Consultant at Grapevine provided some additional insight into the project.

“The migration involved the entire IT infrastructure utilised by Archus. This included company email and data from the incumbent provider’s environment to Archus’s own environment as well as a remote re-build of all users’ devices which were spread across the country. This was achieved by using further Microsoft 365 technologies, Windows AutoPilot and Microsoft Endpoint Manager. This was completed with minimal impact to Archus”

“We are already seeing benefits of our data being held in the cloud.” Jess continued. “It will help us to deliver projects in a more efficient and effective way, with all of our team able to access our IT environment from their allocated device, wherever they are based.”

“Grapevine’s technical support team have been very responsive to our incidents, reaching a resolution early or responding to support requests logged in a timely manner.”

The pandemic has had an undeniable impact on all businesses. None have experienced this first-hand quite as much as those in the healthcare sector.

“Our key market is Health. As you can imagine, over the last year the sector has been through one of the busiest and life changing periods of its time” noted Jess. “Whilst none of us could’ve imagined what we’ve gone through in the last year with COVID-19, it has made the UK Government look at the Healthcare offering here in the UK. This has led to the launch of the New Hospital Programme, which Archus is involved in across the country. This programme is hoped to fulfil a new generation of hospitals for the future. This of course brings with it the use of new digital technology for a more efficient and effective Healthcare system.”

As well as having a target on increasing their staff numbers by February 2022, Jess shared details of plans for Archus to diversify their consultancy offering and explore new markets as their business grows.

“Whilst we currently primarily service the UK healthcare industry, we are looking to have further success in the international healthcare market along with other sectors and service offerings such as Digital and Analytics, Local Authority and Education.”

To learn more about Archus please visit archus.uk.com


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