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Improve your internet connectivity with a leased line

As the need for fast, reliable connectivity increases, dedicated internet access (DIA) options such as leased lines offer a far greater level of reassurance for business continuity.

If you are currently utilising a standard broadband package, be aware that these do not offer any form of service level agreement (SLA) against downtime. In theory, this means that your business could be without internet connectivity for up to 15 days and beyond in some circumstances.

What is a leased line?

Leased lines provide private reserved bandwidth dedicated for your business for both upload and downloads. This is important if you have remote offices connecting over Virtual Private Networks, or are pushing large files out of your business, such as CAD drawings.

Your business will feel the benefit of dedicated internet access through digital transformation objectives such as

  • Moving more services to the cloud
  • Running time-critical communications, such as voice or video
  • Implementing a back-up solution
  • Connecting across multiple office locations
  • Hosting your own website

The costs for these leased line services (ranging from a 1Mb/s dedicated line, up to services offering over 1000Mb/s) have reduced significantly in recent years. Unlike standard broadband packages, DIA services guarantee that you’ll receive 100% of the bandwidth you pay for, with no restriction usage caps or additional charges for large files.

Your investment in a leased line is protected by a business appropriate service level agreement, offering a guaranteed response time for fixing any downtime on your Internet connection.

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