Meet our Team: Rachel Alexander

Rachel Alexander, Administration Assistant

What does your role at Grapevine involve?

Rachel: “As an administrative assistant, I help the mobile support team. My role is varied day to day from answering mobile queries via phone calls and emails, to dealing with invoicing and deliveries going both in and out of the office – alongside a wide range of other tasks as well.”

What key piece of advice would you give to businesses about their technology and/or communications?​

Rachel: “When you are thinking of travelling abroad, I’d recommend to also contact us prior to travel to find out costs and other roaming information that we can provide to ensure you have the most affordable trip, along with ensuring that there are no restrictions in place preventing usage. All we need to know is the mobile number(s), where you are going and how long for. It is very common for users to contact us once already abroad, which makes it harder to rectify any restrictions that were in place.”

What might people not know about you?

Rachel: “Before working at Grapevine, I worked in childcare for nearly 10 years but decided that during the pandemic it was time to try something new. Outside of work I am either going on walks and camping with my son or doing one of my many hobbies, which includes playing in a local recreational womens’ football team.”