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0345 123 6677

Meet our Team: Chloe Elliott

Chloe Elliott, Technical Support Analyst
Joined our team: 17th December 2018

What does your role at Grapevine involve?

Chloe: “I started at Grapevine in 2018 as a Mobile Support Advisor and have recently been made a Techncial Support Analyst. Within my new role, I provide customer support for clients’ business mobile services as well as now assisting the helpdesk for fixed line and IT queries. I support with going through diagnostics on queries, creating and processing contracts for our mobile clients as well as fixed and IT clients – along with multiple other tasks throughout the day. My role is varied and changes each day.”

What key piece of advice would you give to our clients about their technology and communications?​

Chloe: “Ensuring your mobile phone is switched to airplane mode while en route to a destination abroad. You don’t want to incur maritime charges whilst on a cruise for example or roaming charges whilst on a flight! I would also recommend ensuring you have a voicemail pin set up on your phone before leaving the UK in order to access your voicemails, as this is unlikely to work while you are abroad.”

What might our clients not know about you?

Chloe: “I went travelling for 3 months prior to my employment with Grapevine and visited Bangkok, Koh Samui, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore and Bali and have also travelled to Sri Lanka and Western Africa on family holidays when I was younger. Nowadays I tend to not travel so far and have enjoyed lots of staycations and glamping with my 3 year old miniature cockapoo Alfie!”