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Manage and secure your company mobiles

If you’ve provided company mobiles for your team, you’ll likely want to retain some level of control over these devices to protect your investment. Mobile device management (MDM) software can be installed on a mobile phone or tablet, prior to it being allocated to a member of staff, to allow an administrator within your business to manage this resource much the same as an IT or technical team would for your desktop PCs, laptops, printers, etc.

Mobile device management allows you to provision company mobiles and tablets with the exact applications required for your business. Not only is this one less task for each individual user, you can also guarantee consistency across business by ensuring that correct and latest versions are in use.

The ability to remotely manage devices once they’ve been assigned to a member of staff, allows you to continue to

  • Deploy new applications
  • Push through updates
  • Remove features that are no longer needed
  • Blacklist any undesired websites or applications
  • Set data usage limits and alerts
  • Configure company security policies
  • Change passwords
  • Lock and wipe lost or stolen devices

The greatest risk with mobile devices is that they’re easily misplaced. The security features offered by mobile device management software provide a greater level of reassurance that your company data is protected and will contribute to your business meeting compliance standards such as GDPR and ISO.

The most sophisticated mobile device management solutions available will often include geofencing and tracking functions, both of which can help safeguard lone workers.

Grapevine offer a range of mobile device management options, on per-user subscription that’s cost effective for all businesses. To learn more please contact us or speak to your Grapevine account manager.

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