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Increase your cyber-security with multi-factor authentication

With cyber crime attacks becoming an increasing concern for businesses, ‘Multi-Factor Authentication’ (MFA) is being implemented by many as an additional line of defence.

Without MFA you will, in most cases, only need a username and password to access platforms such as company email inboxes and other cloud-based applications. Sophisticated scams set up by cyber criminals target individuals to trick them into providing these credentials.

Once access to these platforms is gained, it becomes very easy for criminals to access a range of company information and services such as finances or customer data. Think about the number of additional platforms someone would have access to just by gaining an employees email login and the impact this would have on your business. The damage this might cause to your finances or reputation could be irreparable.

MFA methods are already in place for many of the day-to-day services we use in our lives, such as online banking. You’ll be familiar with having needed to provide more than one level of identification to access these services. Once implemented, MFA will protect access to your business platforms in a similar way, using ‘factors’ such as codes sent to an employees mobile device or additional security questions to verify their identity.

With MFA, should a cyber criminal manage to steal an employees credentials, their attempt to login will be halted by a second stage of authentication.

Multi-Factor Authentication for Microsoft 365

The good news is, MFA is built into Microsoft 365 (formerly known as Office 365), depending on the version you’re using. We can set this up remotely for our clients who are using this platform, with very little disruption to your staff whilst this work is being undertaken. We will work with you to ensure the correct Microsoft 365 licences are in place and to decide upon an appropriate method of authentication for your business.

Grapevine strongly recommend that, if not already in place, Multi-Factor Authentication is implemented as soon as possible.

Once set up and configured authentication will not be required each time employees log in. It will only become necessary when accessing company services from a new device or location for the first time.

If you would like to discuss this important matter please contact us or speak to your Grapevine account manager.

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