0345 123 6677

0345 123 6677

Refreshing mobile network service

Sometimes users can notice a loss in service, whether that be data or for calls. This is generally due to not being up to date on the network.

The way to check this is if you can dial *#105# it will pop up with something similar to the below:

From the above, there are two dates showing, if they are not the same as todays date, you need to complete the following:

  1. Switch off your phone
  2. Switch on your phone
  3. Go into Network Settings and switch off “automatic” to bring up the full list of available networks, then select a network that is different to your network.
  4. Once signal is lost (as you aren’t on that network) switch “automatic” back on to regain signal

Once complete, please dial again *#105# and check that both dates match todays date, if they don’t – repeat the process until they do.

If the dates match and you are continuing to experience issues, please contact our support team on 0345 123 66 77.