PC Integration

PC Integrator is a piece of software that gives you control of your phone system from your desktop without having to log in to your management portal. It’s a useful add on service for your phone system and is available on a per user basis.

It also provides interaction with key programs such as Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Skype for Business.

Features include:

  • Call Preview – Available from Outlook. Allows users to prepare for the incoming call and respond appropriately. This can make the caller feel more welcome and gives a professional feel to your company.
  • Click to Dial – Available from Outlook and web pages. Makes your phone system even simpler to operate as users can make calls instantly and accurately from the information on their screen.
  • Integration with Skype for Business – Presence changes to reflect On a Call or Do Not Disturb. Improves efficiency as colleagues and customers can only contact you when you are available.
  • Desktop Control – Instant access from the desktop to Call History, Call Forward, Presence and a wealth of other features.

Integrator CRM is also available as an add on to enable easy integration with your CRM program. Compatible with over 20 of the top CRM packages including Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics, Integrator CRM helps users to be even more efficient and productive by providing quick access to contacts and the ability to dial directly from your CRM system.

Key benefits

  • Work from anywhere
  • Internal instant messaging
  • Click to dial