Phone Systems

Phone systems have evolved. Advances in cloud technology mean it’s no longer essential to have a clunky onsite phone system (‘PBX’), saving space and most importantly, money. With low upfront costs, our cloud hosted solutions are ideal for small to medium sized businesses.

Cloud telephony gives your team the freedom to work efficiently and communicate instantly, wherever it’s most convenient for them. This is made possible through use of your existing broadband connection, requiring no extra phone lines, regardless of how many users you need to add now, or in the future.

Many small businesses have communications set-ups that are simply extensions of home or consumer products, rather than business-grade services that keep you securely and reliably connected. It’s easy to view your phone system as a simple utility, but used strategically our full feature set can help your business to work more effectively.

Key benefits

  • Futureproof
  • Subscription based billing
  • Minimal upfront equipment costs