Vehicle Solutions

We are also able to advise on the most suitable mobile vehicle solutions for staff and fleet management. This includes; hands-free, dashboard cameras (dashcams), satellite navigation, job scheduling, as well as vehicle, asset and employee tracking. With a vast array of options and choices, our team review your operations and requirements to recommend the most suitable system.

Mobile handset tracking is the next generation of fleet management, offering an alternative to ‘black boxes’ installed in your car. Our powerful mobile tracking app works on your GPS mobile phone, and offers additional benefits over traditional vehicle tracking, providing complete visibility at all times. Mobile Track features include; live web based tracking, journey status indicators, geo-fences, alarms, current and historical day logs and scheduled email reports.

If it is essential to your business that staff remain in contact when they are behind the wheel then it is crucial that they are equipped with the safest and least distracting equipment. We recommend the installation of a fully-fitted hands-free kit into the vehicle that routes calls through the vehicle’s existing speakers. This maximises sound quality and is simple to operate.

Key benefits

  • Increased accountability
  • Employee safety
  • Reduced insurance premiums