Leased Lines

Leased Lines provide private reserved bandwidth dedicated for your business for both upload and downloads. This is important if you have remote offices connecting over Virtual Private Networks, or are pushing large files out of your business, such as CAD drawings.

The costs for these leased line services (ranging from a 1Mb/s dedicated line, up to services offering over 50Mb/s) have reduced significantly in recent years. We offer a free initial consultation to understand how your business operates, assess what bandwidth is required, discuss business continuity and supply competitive costs based on these findings.

Leased Lines are provided with a business appropriate Service Level Agreement (SLA), offering a guaranteed response time for fixing any downtime on your Internet connection. Penalty charges are applied to the supplier if these SLA’s are not achieved. Standard broadband packages do not offer any form of SLA against downtime. In theory, this means that your business could be without Internet connectivity for up to 15 days and beyond in some circumstances.

Key benefits

  • Uncontended
  • Secure
  • Uptime