Business services bolt ons for your Vodafone mobile contract

Vodafone have introduced a range of new business services that customers can simply add onto their existing Vodafone monthly bill.

1) Vodafone Secure Net

All of our online devices unleash a world of possibilities, but this can also bring threats and risks. Vodafone Secure Net is a service that protects you simply and safely on your Vodafone connected devices.

  • Manages Your Devices – No need to download an app or software and all devices can be controlled by one person
  • Block Unsafe Websites – Blocks and allows access to specific websites
  • Block Unsafe Files – Prevents devices from downloading harmful files
  • Check Your Reports – You can check all users activities in charts
  • Manages Digital Downtime – Can restrict access at different times of the day

2) Business Support

Availability of HR and legal support your business needs online, over the phone or face to face with free consultations;

  • Legal Advice
  • HR Advice
  • Document Templates for Employment or Health and Safety

3) Device Support

Your business relies on multiple connected devices working seamlessly. Whether it is your phone, tablet, printer, or smart home devices, device support takes the stress out of fixing things by being able to chat to a tech expert right away. You can also safeguard your business and customer data with bank-level encrypted cloud storage.

  • Tech Support is available 7 days a week – 8am to 8pm in a jargon free easy to understand way
  • Up to 100GB of secure cloud storage is available
  • Available on a 30 day contract for a small monthly fee

4) Office 365

Microsoft 365 is one of the most powerful productivity tools available to businesses today – but can be very difficult to set up – that’s where Grapevine can help.

Enjoy all the benefits of the best online productivity and collaboration package with minimum hassle or risk. Order Office 365 through Grapevine and we’ll manage your subscription – plus, you’ll benefit from a more flexible contract, and easy access to support when you need it.

  • Buy With Confidence – Try without risk on a 30 day rolling contract
  • Get Support – Add onboarding and training for your team to get help setting up 0365
  • Enjoy a Seamless Transition – We can help you migrate your mailboxes so you can retain all your contacts and keep conversation seamlessly
  • Simplicity – Order through Grapevine and you will have all your licences in one place

For more information and pricing please contact your Grapevine Account Manager


Collaborate better with your team, wherever you’re working from

In recent years, ‘Unified Communications’ solutions have bridged the gap between traditional components such as your company phone system, mobile devices, video calling, etc. By bringing together each of these ways of communicating through a single, user-friendly interface for your desktop PC, laptop, iOS and Android smart devices, your business has complete freedom to work together, whether you’re office based, working from home or another remote location.

Most importantly, a unified communications approach will allow you to present your company as being “open for business” and offering the same uninterrupted level of service you might have ordinarily with all of your team working under the same roof.

Other key features of unified communications include;

  • Instant messaging – Online chat between users, reducing the inefficiencies of email and improving response times
  • User presence – Staff can display a personal status (available, away, do not disturb, etc) to suggest to others the best method to contact them
  • Conferencing – Quick and easy multi-person collaboration, with a personal and fully managed space for voice, video and screen sharing

Premium solutions available will also allow you complete integration with a cloud hosted phone system, offering all the same features, functionality and inclusive calls.

This video demonstrates how simple Collaborate (a solution compatible with the Horizon phone system) is to use.

Current social distancing restrictions have required many of us to work away from our office. This year at Grapevine we have successfully managed with up to 90% of our team working remotely from home at any one time, across a variety of devices, mobile, desktop PCs and laptops (both Windows and Mac). The experience for our clients throughout has been business as usual. By running a unified communications interface across our devices, our phone system has functioned exactly as it would have in the office, utilising all our auto attendants, hunt groups and internal extensions and not having to rely on basic and unprofessional call forwarding options.

Through use of Akixi as an add-on to our unified communications set-up, we have also still been able to track our productivity and ensure our staffing levels have been best suited to our day to day demand. Learn more about Akixi

The restrictions in place have also limited the visitors to our offices and in some cases, site visits. Instead we have made use of the ability to provide meetings and demonstrations via the video calling and conferencing tools.

With our years of experience of operating with a unified communications approach across our Poole, Bath and Weymouth offices, we were able to transition seamlessly to accommodate multiple new working locations. We had already recognised the benefits of hosting meetings ‘virtually’. It’s not only saved the business money, it’s reduced our environmental impact and made us more efficient and productive.

Grapevine offer a variety of solutions to suit whatever stage your business is at in adopting a unified communications approach. To learn more speak to your Grapevine Account Manager or contact Paul Fletcher, Technical Solutions Specialist: – 01202 644432

Join our Horizon Collaborate lunch and learn webinar in partnership with Gamma. This lunchtime session, hosted by Gamma’s Specialists, will take an in-depth look at the advanced features available to you and demonstrate how to get more from Horizon Collaborate. Click here to register

How to manage and secure your company mobiles

If you’ve provided company mobiles for your team, you’ll likely want to retain some level of control over these devices to protect your investment. Mobile device management (MDM) software can be installed on a mobile phone or tablet, prior to it being allocated to a member of staff, to allow an administrator within your business to manage this resource much the same as an IT or technical team would for your desktop PCs, laptops, printers, etc.

Mobile device management allows you to provision company mobiles and tablets with the exact applications required for your business. Not only is this one less task for each individual user, you can also guarantee consistency across business by ensuring that correct and latest versions are in use.

The ability to remotely manage devices once they’ve been assigned to a member of staff, allows you to continue to

  • Deploy new applications
  • Push through updates
  • Remove features that are no longer needed
  • Blacklist any undesired websites or applications
  • Set data usage limits and alerts
  • Configure company security policies
  • Change passwords
  • Lock and wipe lost or stolen devices

The greatest risk with mobile devices is that they’re easily misplaced. The security features offered by mobile device management software provide a greater level of reassurance that your company data is protected and will contribute to your business meeting compliance standards such as GDPR and ISO.

The most sophisticated mobile device management solutions available will often include geofencing and tracking functions, both of which can help safeguard lone workers.

Grapevine offer a range of mobile device management options, on per-user subscription that’s cost effective for all businesses. To learn more speak to your Grapevine Account Manager or contact us.

Unlimited data tariffs from Vodafone

Starting from as little as £18.33 a month, Vodafone’s industry-leading Unlimited plans offer unlimited data, minutes and texts (plus flexible add-ons), with three different speed options available and 5G capability included at no extra cost.

As our mobile data requirements increase year on year, the Unlimited plans from Vodafone offer peace of mind for both individual users and those managing company mobile accounts, with no risk of additional costs from exceeding your data allowance.

For more information please speak to your Grapevine account manager or contact us

Business mobile services from Grapevine

Allow us to manage your company mobile contracts. Your locally based account manager will work with you to provide impartial advice and ensure you have the best available package to meet the needs of your team.

Through our partnerships with the major UK networks, you’ll have access to tailored packages for connections to Vodafone, EE and O2, as well as our own virtual network utilising 3.


How a leased line can improve your internet connectivity

As the need for fast, reliable connectivity increases, dedicated internet access (DIA) options such as leased lines offer a far greater level of reassurance for business continuity.

If you are currently utilising a standard broadband package, be aware that these do not offer any form of service level agreement (SLA) against downtime. In theory, this means that your business could be without internet connectivity for up to 15 days and beyond in some circumstances.  Read more…

Business update: August 2020

In the weeks ahead, it is our intention to operate remotely as a business, with our team fully enabled to work from home, as we have, together, since March this year.

During this time we are pleased to have continued to provide our clients with the same high level of support we always strive for. This has been made possible by the commitment from our staff to embrace new ways of working and our ongoing investment in technology.  Read more…

Thermal screening made possible with a smartphone

The CAT range of rugged tech has always been popular with our clients, across a wide range of sectors. The S61 smartphone continues to respond to the needs of industry, offering temperature screening functionality for businesses, at an affordable price point.  Read more…

How ‘Multi-Factor Authentication’ can help protect your business against cyber crime

With cyber crime attacks becoming an increasing concern for businesses, ‘Multi-Factor Authentication’ (MFA) is being implemented by many as an additional line of defence.

Without MFA you will, in most cases, only need a username and password to access platforms such as company email inboxes and other cloud-based applications. Sophisticated scams set up by cyber criminals target individuals to trick them into providing these credentials.  Read more…

How to avoid losing business to abandoned phone calls

How much business are you losing through abandoned calls to your company? Is this a question you’ve asked of your phone system in the past but not been able to find the answer, or is this something you never knew you could find out?

With live call reporting from Akixi (compatible with phone systems such as Horizon) you can find out this information with quick and easy to view reports, providing you with a real time snapshot of your business.  Read more…

How to go contactless for your office visitor book

A pen and paper sign-in book is a long outdated method for managing visitors to your office or work premises. Touch screen solutions, though better for data protection, can be expensive and unhygienic.

TAAP Visitor Book from Grapevine is a fully GDPR compliant, contactless alternative for your business.   Read more…