Our Values

We have prepared a plan to put our expertise, technology and partnerships into practice to help support local businesses, the community, and the environment. Behind every key decision we make we are always thinking about our responsibility as an organisation, an employer, and as a friendly neighbour.

  • Ethical Sourcing
    Where possible, we ensure the products we source are of a high ethical, health and safety, and environmental standard to give our clients reassurance that everything they purchase from Grapevine has been created under acceptable living conditions, where workers are treated fairly.
  • The Environment
    We’re always looking for ways to reduce our carbon footprint; from simple things like using energy-saving light bulbs, to the positive environmental impact that our solutions offer, through introducing ‘better ways of working’ for our clients, such as reducing travel necessities and allowing flexible working hours.
  • The Community
    Community engagement is at the heart of Grapevine. We support our staff in their fundraising activities and are regular attendees at events hosted by our local chambers of commerce and other business networks. We are proud of our longstanding relationships with Bournemouth University and Bath Rugby.