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0345 123 6677

Meet our Team: Will Taylor

Will Taylor, Technical Support Analyst
Joined our team: August 2023

What does your role at Grapevine involve?

Will: “I work as a Line 2 technical support engineer. This involves supporting customers’ existing IT systems with any problems that are escalated beyond line 1. I also assist customers when they want to make changes to their current setup, if it does not classify as a project (A project is roughly anything that takes more than 4 hours to implement).”

What key piece of advice would you give to our clients about their technology and communications?​

Will: “If you receive an email that you are not expecting with links or attachments, do not open them. Always confirm with the sender another way first. You should always be suspicious if an email comes through with anything attached that is not what you were expecting. ”

What might our clients not know about you?

Will: “When not working in IT, I quite often spend my time working or training as a circus and fire performer.”