Introducing Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is Microsoft’s cloud-based accounting and ERP solution. It sits within abroad spectrum of different Dynamics 365 software and its versatility means it can be used as a core, basic accounting package all the way through to a fully-fledged ERP Business Management system.

The best part, it can grow alongside your business. Meaning your organisation has the ability to transform and grow without the need of replacing your Finance system.

D365 Business Central is made for small to medium businesses to help them manage sales, stock, projects and accounts all under the same system.

It’s a Cloud based platform which is accessible on any device and one of the biggest benefits is Business Central’s ability to integrate with the whole Microsoft suite which you likely already use on a daily basis. Meaning you can do things such as create invoices directly from Outlook, pull data lists from Excel and utilise automation with Power Apps through Teams and lots more.



So, what exactly can Business Central do?

  • Accounting, operations and business management
  • Manage the full sales cycle from quoting, purchase orders, sales, inventory, warehouse and distribution
  • Provide customisable, real time reports and in depth business analytics
  • Integrated automation tools to bring together multiple different systems along with the native integration withthe complete Microsoft stack

With the extensive features of Business Central and versatility of the system, along with having the ability to decide howcomplex or simple of a solution you require, it’s a great option for growing small medium businesses. Business Central can alleviate a range of issues a scaling organisation faces.

If you’re suffering with the below pains, Business Central could be a great option for you:

  • Outgrown your current system – if your current system can no longer support your company growth or your entry level accounting system simply no longer has the functionality you require, Business Central is a great next step as a solution which can start small and add in more customised features as your organisation expands.
  • Your reporting is poor – you may struggle to pull insightful, useful data from your finance system. With Business Central, you’re able to pull real time reports and analytics with built in automation within the system. You’ll have improved visibility across the business with valuable data in the form of customisable dashboards and Power BI reports.
  • Your systems don’t talk to each other – It can be frustrating and time consuming manually imputing data between systems and adding extra business processes for systems that do not integrate with each other. A major benefit of Business Central is its streamlined capabilities within the entire Microsoft stack, meaning you’re able to access data across the board and cut the costs of resources maintaining multiple systems.



How can you implement Dynamics 365 Business Central?

If Dynamics Business Central sounds like it could be a great fit for your business, you may be wondering how you go about implementing the solution and reaping the benefits and we’re more than happy to help you through the process.

Dynamics 365 solutions can only be purchased and deployed via approved Microsoft Partners and we are in partnership with the winner of Microsoft’s Partner of the Year for Dynamics Business Central, Bam Boom Cloud, bringing Dynamics 365 to our customers to help them transform and grow their business.

Bam Boom Cloud are focussed solely on small to medium businesses, with their main goal being to make the best Microsoft technology available to the SMB market and make it as simple and quick to implement as possible. They are different from traditional Partners in their methodology by offering fixed price, fixed scope packs of functionality of the system –meaning you only pay for what you need.

“We are really excited to grow our partnership with the Grapevine and support SMBs grow and transform. Weare here to help them take advantage of the best Microsoft Cloud technology in a cost effective manner inkeeping with the challenges SMBs face today.”

– Robert Pope, Chief Commercial Officer, Bam Boom Cloud and President, UK Chapter IAMCP (International Association of Microsoft Channel Partners)

To find out more about Dynamics 365 Business Central, please don’t hesitate to contact us or speak to your Grapevine Account Manager.

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