Ollie Spriggs volunteers with GROW

Grapevine Technical Support Manager, Ollie Spriggs recently volunteered with GROW, a charity that works with schools and local communities to promote agroecological farming.

What is Agroecology?

Agroecology is a modern approach to farming that recognises the changing world that we live in. It’s practices seek to reduce the environmental impact of farming.

GROW deliver bespoke programmes designed to educate about Agroecology, such as sustainable food growing. By delivering these programmes for children and young people with barriers to learning, GROW promotes healthy living and potential employment opportunities.

“My day with GROW involved weeding harvested vegetable beds by hand, no chemicals or machinery here!” Ollie revealed. “It was hard work but very rewarding and has prepared the beds for the next round of vegetables.”

To learn more about GROW please visit wearegrow.org

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