Sustainable device options for your business

We’ve partnered with Nxt2Nu to offer a range of refurbished device options. These pristine quality products look and work as well as a new device and come with a 12 month end user warranty. Second life technology is cost effective and helps prevent unnecessary waste.

Frequently asked questions

We put the following FAQs about refurbished devices to Nxt2Nu founder, Sunny Ratnam.

Q. How does the battery life compare to new phones?

Sunny: “All our products are tested multiple times to ensure your experience is a great one. Part of this process is to check the health of the battery to ensure it is working as it should be and operate a threshold of 85% minimum. If the battery health is below this level we will replace it with a new one, if above then we will keep the original one.”

Q. How do I know there won’t be scratches or signs of wear and tear?

Sunny: “Nxt2Nu only provide pristine devices.”

“Each device goes through a rigorous refurbishment procedure and is checked for quality 3 times before it is placed in a Nxt2Nu box and made available to our customers. As a result the device you receive will have zero marks or blemishes and will look as good as new.”

Q. What happens if the device becomes faulty?

Sunny: “We are confident your experience of our products will be the same as a brand new device. However, if something did go wrong, each Nxt2Nu device is covered by a 12-month repair/replace warranty from the date of purchase.”

“What’s more, if the fault occurs in the first 6 months, we will just take that device back and provide you with a brand new refurbished one within 48 hours so you are not without a phone. After 6 months we will repair the device and ensure it comes back to you working properly or if required provide a replacement.”

Q. Which accessories come in the box?

Sunny: “All Nxt2Nu products are packed with a cable that allows you to charge and sync the device.”

“We also provide a free phone case which is 100% biodegradable as part of our Carbon Neutral pledge. The case is made completely from plant seeds and is another way that we (and indeed you) are contributing to the circular economy and supporting sustainability.”

To learn more about sustainable device options from Nxt2Nu, please contact us or speak to your Grapevine Account Manager.


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