Google to retire G Suite legacy free edition

First released 15 years ago, Google Workspace is a productivity platform designed for organisations. Previously called ‘Google Apps’ and later ‘G Suite’, Workspace plans include services such as email, calendar, file storage, chat, and video calling.

Before 2013, it was possible to sign up for a free edition of Google’s productivity tools. However, last week Google announced that it would be discontinuing the free edition altogether and anyone currently using this version would need to upgrade to a paid-for business edition by 1 July 2022.

So how do I know if I’m affected?

Your Google Admins should’ve received an email from Google. You can also check by logging into the Google Admin portal with your admin account and navigating to the Billing – Manage Subscriptions option. If you see ‘G Suite legacy’ then this applies to you.



What are my options?

There are loads of great options out there, but whether it’s right for you and your organisation will depend on what your goals are. We’ve put together a few suggestions that may help you with your decision.



“I just love email!”

…said no one ever. But if email is the only thing that you use G Suite for, then Microsoft Exchange Online might be the perfect solution for you. Microsoft’s modular approach to licensing makes it easy to choose what you need at a competitive rate. With Exchange Online Plan 1, each user in your organisation will have their own 50GB mailbox and calendar, both of which seamlessly work with Outlook to make staying on top of your email a breeze. Do you have a central mailbox like ‘info@…’ that several users need access to? Exchange Online has free shared mailboxes up to 50GB, allowing several users to get stuck in.



“I’m here… I’m not a cat.”

Sound familiar? Microsoft Teams next level conferencing and collaboration features works for you to keep your meetings on track, on time and make sure everyone is included. With live transcriptions, users that are deaf, hard-of-hearing or have different levels of language proficiency can still participate in the call. Planning a brainstorming session with your team? Use Teams built-in call recording to remember what was said. Want to simplify your workflow and the number of devices on your desk? Use Teams’ integration with Grapevine’s cloud-based phone system solution for a seamless experience, allowing you to make or receive landline or mobile calls, right from your computer.



“I just need one product that does it all!”

IT can be complicated, right? If your users need to communicate by email and voice, collaborate on documents, crunch numbers, present your best-in-class products, stay safe and secure from viruses, and be guided by centrally managed company policies, then Microsoft’s Business Premium could be the one-stop for you. With a plethora of features, each user gets: a 50GB email mailbox, 1TB of cloud storage for all their files, Teams for collaboration and conferencing, Defender for Office 365 to keep email and Teams conversations safe, Defender for Business with enterprise-level endpoint malware protection, Azure AD Premium for enhanced user account security, and desktop and mobile app licences are included.

What’s the next step?

Hopefully, some of the information here has been helpful for you. We’d be delighted if you were to give our experienced team a call to discuss the next steps. We’ll work hard to listen and understand your requirements, put together a solution that works for you, and provide a return on your investment.

To learn more please contact us or speak to your Grapevine Account Manager.


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