Manage office room bookings with Workspaces in Microsoft 365

In response to the ongoing situation around the world and the greater need for social distancing in workplaces, Microsoft have released a new feature to Microsoft 365; Workspaces.

Workspaces allow you to create bookable locations in your office, from a single desk to an entire floor. With social distancing in mind, you can set limits on how many people can work in that space at one time. So whether you need a room with space for six people for the day, or an individual desk space for a busy Monday morning, Workspaces makes it easy to find and reserve your space.

Workspaces is integrated into Outlook through calendar meetings – with Room Finder, it’s never been easier to create a meeting and find a room, all in one place. Same time next week? No problem, creating a calendar meeting also lets your attendees know where the meeting is and allows you to repeat your reservation for those all-important weekly catch-ups.

RSVP? Workspaces lets you know whether the space is available straight away.


A confirmation email (right) provides peace of mind


To learn more about Workspaces and Microsoft 365 solutions available for your business please contact us.

If you are a Grapevine client please click here for further guidance on how to enable Workspaces.

Workspaces support guidance for Grapevine clients with Microsoft 365

To add Workspaces, simply open a ticket with our support desk and let us know about each of your Workspaces you require:

– What it’s called (Workspace name)?

– How many people can work there at the same time (capacity)?

– Where it is (floor number, building name and address)?

(Standard IMAC charges will apply and please allow up to 5 days for IMACs to be completed.)