Protect your company mobiles and data with Vodafone Secure Net

We all understand the importance of having good anti-virus and firewall services in place to protect our PCs and laptops, yet security measures for another device we rely on, our mobile phone, is often overlooked.

Solutions similar to those you will already be familiar with for your computer are also available for your mobile device. We highly recommend exploring suitable options for your device and network.

Vodafone users can benefit from Vodafone Secure Net to help stay safe from viruses, malware and phishing when using business mobiles or tablets.

What is Vodafone Secure Net?

  • A worry free network-based security solution that protects devices against virus, malware and phishing when you browse the internet, download files or use email on your mobile devices.
  • It’s built into the Vodafone network, so it doesn’t need to be downloaded or managed – it won’t slow down your phone or use up memory space.
  • All you need is a Vodafone SIM, which you can then add Secure Net to, so you’re ready to work productively and safely.
  • Applicable for all compatible Vodafone tariffs.

What are the key benefits of Vodafone Secure Net?

  • Keep your devices safe
    Automatic anti-virus, anti-phishing and anti-malware protection keep all your business mobiles and tablets secure.
  • Keep your emails safe
    Secure Net safeguards against threats embedded in emails and files
  • Complements your MDM solution
    Secure Net protects against web threats while your existing MDM solution takes care of mobile device configuration and policies.
  • Compatible with all operating systems
    No matter what devices or operating systems your business uses, they’re all protected – saving you time and money on multiple solutions.
  • Nothing to install
    As there’s nothing to install on your devices, their performance, memory capacity and battery life aren’t affected.
  • Managed and updated by Vodafone
    So there’s no extra work for your team – and no need to worry if every employee’s device is fully protected.

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