Five benefits of 5G connectivity for your business

5G is set to become an integral part of the world and the way we live. It will play a huge role in supporting a workforce accustomed to flexible and remote working, with networks becoming increasingly relied upon.

It’s not simply the next generation of mobile connectivity; 5G’s potential exceeds previous generations by far. It’s now rolling out across the UK, giving all industries the ability to transform in previously unimaginable ways. 5G is a game-changer and every business, big or small, can benefit from its various advantages – including yours.


5G is up to 10 times faster than 4G, with average download speeds of 150-250Mbps – compared to 23-35 Mbps for 4G. Download speeds and fast file transfers are imperative when working away from the office.


5G will enable many more devices to connect in the same area without loss of service. This could be crucial to the roll out of Internet of Things applications in smart cities, for example, where many smart, IoT-enabled devices are simultaneously sending information to a central hub.


5G will massively improve latency. That means much less time between performing an action online and seeing the response. For example, if you control a drone using 5G, it will respond much more quickly to commands than if you were using 4G. It will seem like real-time response.

More efficiency and reliability

Networks will manage traffic better, resulting in increased capacity and consistency for all businesses adopting 5G.

Higher density IoT (Internet of Things)

Tens of billions of connected things will be supported in the future.

Move your employees to Vodafone’s Unlimited Max 5G plans to accelerate your business.

  • Gain a strong competitive edge, never miss a beat due to low latency
  • Help your employees be more productive with blink-of-an-eye download speeds and the ability to access projects on their phones without interruption
  • Provide better customer service by collaborating in real time and reacting to requests instantly
  • Bolster your flexible working approach. 5G offers faster speeds than you’ve experienced before, whether you’re at home, on the move or in the office.

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