Business update: August 2020

In the weeks ahead, it is our intention to operate remotely as a business, with our team fully enabled to work from home, as we have, together, since March this year.

During this time we are pleased to have continued to provide our clients with the same high level of support we always strive for. This has been made possible by the commitment from our staff to embrace new ways of working and our ongoing investment in technology.

We believe our service has become more efficient as a result of this shared experience.

Where some tasks may require more time, we are working closely with our staff to support them and reallocating resources to help everyone maintain a balanced working life.

We review these updates to our ways of working daily to ensure that we can make changes without it affecting the cost to our clients.


Our offices will remain closed to the public to protect staff who may need to use these facilities. We are confident that our service to our clients is unaffected by this decision.

We continue to have a responsive account management team in place, offering a personal service. In many cases, interaction with our clients has increased during this time, thanks to the technology available such as face to face video calls and our conference bridge service.

If it is necessary for an engineer to make a site visit we ask that our safety questionnaire is completed before this takes place.

We have provided our staff with personal protective equipment (PPE), sourced from a trusted supplier that prioritises NHS orders before making resources more widely available.


We continue our commitment to promoting a culture of innovation within our organisation. This drives our adoption of new technology, for your business and ours.

Our research and respond approach has been at the heart of our evolution for almost 30 years, from a provider of business mobile contracts to a full service technology and communications partner for our clients.

We are always monitoring the emerging requirements of our clients and the developments in technology that will help support new ways of working. Our focus being cost effective solutions that will allow early access to businesses of all sizes.

We are reviewing the ways in which we make information on new technologies available and accessible. Our new company website will launch later this year and provide our clients and the wider business community with a resource for learning about the benefits of technology for their organisation.


The measures taken to ensure data security across our business and our technology support our decision to embrace remote working.

We recently communicated to all our clients about the importance of adopting Multi-Factor Authentication. You can read more about that here.


We recognise the recent reduction to our carbon footprint and are determined to sustain this. Advances in the adoption of remote communication tools should continue to allow us all to avoid unnecessary travel.

Please contact us if you would be interested in working with our team on collaborative ways to minimise environmental impact.


We welcome your feedback on our service. Our team meets daily to discuss our continued learning and we are keen to include any thoughts you may have on what is working well or how we might improve.

Direct contact details are available upon request for Pete Boby, our Managing Director.

Please visit our support page to contact our team regarding any services you may have with us.