Support for businesses to evolve remote working solutions

The sudden rise of remote working, in response to the global pandemic, has presented unique challenges to businesses when it comes to maintaining productivity and overall effectiveness. We certainly saw this ourselves during the early part of the year, assisting clients in deploying tactical solutions to provide a degree of remote working with their current infrastructure in place. Although this is working for companies it may not always be the most efficient and a long term strategy.

It seems to me that the pandemic will change how we work in the future with more and more people working from home or at the very least having the ability to work seamlessly from home or wherever. Even as companies start to plan their return to their physical offices new health and safety requirements will temper a complete return ensuring that current practices will continue.

Technology will play a huge part in ensuring that organisations can ensure their workforce is connected, remain agile and adaptable in the changing world. The technologies utilised will undoubtedly be cloud based and will provide the security and flexibility required in the future.

Now is the time to address whether your current technologies meet your requirements and future proof your business in the most secure, robust and efficient way possible. Aspects to consider include:

  • Migrating existing on premise infrastructure to the cloud
  • Migrating existing applications and services to cloud based systems
  • Ensuring the current environment is secure for remote working
  • Ensuring you have the ability to control and manage company devices from wherever and whenever
  • Ensuring company data is accessible and secure at all times

At Grapevine we utilise Microsoft products to deliver cloud based solutions to our clients. This can range from Microsoft 365 for email, collaboration and security to Microsoft Azure for the hosting of severs and services. These are best of breed technologies for businesses from one of the industry leaders in this area. I am sure you are already utilising some of these products.

If you are interested in finding out more as to how we can assist you with ensuring your environment meets the invertible future workplace requirements or wish to see a demonstration of the capabilities of the Microsoft cloud based products then please speak to your Grapevine Account Manager or contact us