Insure your company mobile devices in a cost effective way

Mobile devices have become such an important part of our ‘on the go’ lifestyle that it can feel as though the world stands still if something were to happen to them. Having the additional stress of replacing them can add to the disruption to business and could incur additional costs.

By partnering with Supercover Insurance, we can protect your company mobile devices against theft, damage, breakdown and accidental loss (of phones).

Insuring your devices is an easy process and eliminates the worry of having to replace handsets should you need to. All you need is for the device to be in good working order and to have been purchased handset within the last 6 months.

Grapevine help simplify the set-up process, finding the best option available to insure your mobile devices, process the cover and assist you once complete.

A cost-effective way of insuring multiple devices would be though a bundle policy. Although you can insure a single item, the more you have on a policy will reduce the cost you pay per device. As well as making this cheaper, it is a good way of managing what handsets you have covered.

Polices are separated into different price bands to cover the maximum cover should a claim be made. These start from £3.39 – £13.99. All policies offered include the same level of cover.

To learn more speak to your Grapevine Account Manager or contact us.