Schedule your staff availability using call stats

Are there times of the day when you have too few, or too many staff available to provide customer service? Is this a question you’ve asked of your phone system in the past but not been able to find the answer, or is this something you never knew you could find out?

With live call reporting from Akixi (compatible with phone systems such as Horizon) you can find out this information with quick and easy to view reports, providing a real time snapshot of your business.

The scheduling of staff rotas, lunch breaks and internal meetings are often a headache to plan, as knowing which times of day are best to remove users from answering calls can be difficult to tell.

With Akixi’s ‘Calls By ½ Hour Interval’ report, you can use the data to best predict when your prime-time hours are.

Looking at the highest number of inbound calls gives you a top-level view of exactly when your company is at its busiest.

The ‘Overflowed Off’ statistic also reveals when you might currently be understaffed as calls fall over to secondary hunt groups or voicemails.

Another beneficial use of this tool is the ability to see the times of day outside of your business opening hours. Are you seeing a lot of calls when no-one is around to answer? Are other businesses in your industry choosing to open earlier or later than you for a reason?

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