Grapevine announce 2020 ‘Leaps’ volunteering project

With 2020 bringing an extra day of work for all due to the leap year, Grapevine have decided to donate this time to charitable organisations and causes. The Leaps project will see all colleagues allowed an extra day away from work during 2020 to support a charity of their choice.

By allowing colleagues to select a charity they wish to donate their time to, we hope to have a greater overall impact in our support of worthwhile causes. There is also potential following this that colleagues may wish to continue to support the charity in their own time.

“As a business we are always looking for ways to make a positive contribution to our local community and charities” shared James Spinks, Grapevine Sales Director, who proposed the Leaps project as part our 2020 community engagement strategy.

“We also recognise the challenge for each of our staff to find time to spare on top of the other commitments they have outside of work. The leap year presented a great opportunity for us to trial the project with our team and hope that it may help open doors for continuing to support these worthwhile causes”.

Grapevine Customer Support Manager, Eloise Gullis will be the first member of our team to ‘donate a day’, when she volunteers for Autism Wessex in March, helping with activities for the children at their Portfield School.

Eloise shared her reasons for choosing to support the charity. “My brother used to go to Portfield School, so Autism Wessex has always been a very close charity to me, and I enjoy helping them out where I can”.

We would be delighted if any local businesses would like to join us in donating their extra staff time this year in a similar way. If you would be interested in taking part, please contact Liam Toms ( so we can include details of your involvement in our ongoing coverage of the project throughout 2020.

One small step for each of us, one giant leap for worthwhile causes.