Sir Ranulph Fiennes inspires audience at Vodafone Partner Conference

Last week I attended the annual Vodafone Partner Conference in London. There were several presentations from Vodafone including Helen Freestone, Director of UK Partnerships and Anne Sheehan, Enterprise Director of Vodafone UK.

It was encouraging to hear how well the Partner Channel has performed within Vodafone and how highly partners are regarded in terms of the telecoms solutions offered, with a total focus on customer experience, service and flexibility. This has certainly always been the highest priority for Grapevine over the last 27 years and it was great to hear this message reinforced from the network.

However, the most interesting presentation of the day came from the Adventurer and Explorer, Sir Ranulph Fiennes who gave the most inspirational and fascinating talk about his life.

He talked about leadership and what makes a great team. When recruiting people to join his organisation he doesn’t judge candidates based on their CV alone, instead looking for character and attitude, believing that everything else can be coached.

Although he talked about the qualities required for the long expeditions he is famous for, many of these traits of grit and determination would benefit any type of organisation.

You can learn more about Sir Ranulph Fiennes by visiting his website