Case Study: AJK Services Ltd

AJK Services started out as an electrical contracting business back in 1984. As they’ve grown they’ve diversified to offer a full portfolio of electrical and mechanical contracting, heating, cooling, security, fire services and groundwork.

We are proud to have partnered with AJK Services throughout this period of growth for their organisation. Over 15 years ago they came to us with the need for approximately 10 company mobiles. They’ve been a client of ours ever since, with their requirement growing to over 65 mobile connections. During this time they’ve moved from outskirts of Tidworth to bigger premises in the centre of town, having outgrown their original offices.

Cloud hosted phone system

More recently they invited us as a trusted supplier to propose a solution to replace their aging telephone system. They had received a quotation from their incumbent which included an up-front investment of over £10,000. We had just introduced fixed line services to our portfolio and this presented a significant opportunity for us to trial our cloud hosted solution with a valued client. Initially the requirement was for 26 users, this has since grown to over 40. The flexibility of our solution allows us to provide a fully configured phone and line for new starters within 24 hours of a request from the client, and the entire solution required negligible up-front investment from AJK Services.

Connectivity services

After the initial deployment AJK Services ran into some connectivity issues with the BT broadband lines running into their building. Closer inspection revealed that there was a leak in BT’s underground cabinetries. When it rained these boxes became flooded, interfering with their internet access. We were able to overcome this by arranging the installation our own dedicated broadband circuits that we could manage on AJK Services behalf, saving them from having to deal with BT direct.

Cloud IT services

AJK Services have now appointed us as their IT service provider. We have just completed a project to virtualise all of their servers, improving security and disaster recovery capability. As part of this we have introduced a full cloud based back-up service, solving a previous issue that left them exposed to risk. We have also installed an industry leading anti-virus solution to their machines, all of which were previously unprotected.

Managed IT support

In addition to this we now have a full IT support agreement for AJK Services’ 35 PC users, allowing us to monitor all of their equipment’s performance and identify potential issues before they turn into problems. We pride ourselves on our ability to provide businesses such as AJK Services with cost effective proactive support.

IT hardware

As their IT service provider, AJK Services now use us for procurement of their hardware requirements. Over the last year we have provided several PCs, laptops, Surface Books, printers and accessories like wireless mice and keyboards to upgrade their hardware estate. Solutions such as our fax-to-email service has also allowed them to remove obsolete equipment, reducing energy consumption, running costs and office space taken up by hardware.

Future projects

We are currently in the process of migrating all AJK Services’ users to our own Office 365 platform and providing them with a cutting edge email security and spam filtering solution. The next project is to re-cable their entire office having successfully re-patched the servers to make everything neater and easier to support.

AJK Services Ltd have a very pleasant and professional relationship with Grapevine. They listen and understand your requirements then tailor the solutions around your business. They’re also prepared to highlight any potential issues with what the customer might think they need. The aftercare is 100%, nothing is too much hassle. I would like to say thank you to James Spinks, Richard Spedding and their colleagues.

– Darren King, Director

For more information about AJK Services Ltd and their solutions please visit To learn how your business can benefit from our integrated approach to telecoms and IT, please call 01202 644434 or email to book a free initial consultation.