Recycling technology to raise money for Autism Wessex

Autism Wessex are celebrating their 50th Anniversary this year, and as a charity very close to my heart, I have decided to help with their fundraising activity this year.

As part of this Grapevine have signed up to Recycle4Charity, a free service that allows you to recycle old mobile phones and inkjet cartridges which in exchange raises money for the charity of your choice. So far, we’ve submitted 50 phones to this service, with another 75 awaiting collection. Recycle4Charity analyse the phones and cartridges, giving us the figure of how much we have raised, around 8 weeks after submitting. We hope to build the collection of old phones from both our employees, and our clients who want to dispose of theirs. We’re also able to donate our old inkjet cartridges – an easy way of cleaning the office for a good cause!

Autism Wessex manage Portfield School – based in Christchurch. This is a school which supports children and young people with autism and associated difficulties. My brother had attended Portfield, they helped him learn basics skills of life and develop his independence both at home and within the community. This gave me a personal experience of what the school was like, and how fantastic the staff were. Not only do Autism Wessex manage a school, they provide many services supporting people with autism, families and professionals with planning for the future.

If you do have any mobile phones or inkjet cartridges that you are wanting to recycle and are struggling to find out where to do so. Please feel free to drop them in to either the Grapevine Poole or Bath Office and we’ll submit to this service, letting you know when they’ve been collected.

For further information on Autism Wessex, please visit their website: