Where are you on your tech journey?

Telecoms and IT are merging. Read on to learn why we believe this is good news for your business and what we can do to help you on your tech journey.

In 1997 your average desktop PC with a CRT monitor and floor standing tower unit had a hard drive bigger in physical size than your current smartphone, with less than 10GB storage and plodded along with a dial up internet connection.

In 2017 your smartphone is a better computer than your IT hardware of yesteryear.

The disappearance of a dividing line between telecoms and IT isn’t exactly news. The introduction of the iPhone ten years ago in 2007 could be recognised as the moment the dividing line was gone for good.

But it’s the dawn of cloud services that has really driven the integration of the two tech categories. Not only do we now have a variety of devices to move between (all of which offering largely the same functionality) we also have the ability to access to the same files and software on each piece of hardware, providing an almost seamless experience for working across technologies.

We’ve been developing our business in recent years to stay ahead of this trend. In Autumn 2015 we acquired a Poole based IT company, who we’d previously partnered with to provide IT services to our telecoms clients. Flash forward two years and we’ve now fully integrated the solutions offered by both companies under one name, Grapevine. Many of our clients are already benefiting from our new ‘connected technology’ proposition.

We’re now able to offer fixed line and mobile telecoms, managed IT support, cloud and connectivity services for business, all under one roof, with the option of one bill.

With offices in Poole, Bath and Weymouth, we’re keen to help companies of all sizes across the South and South West to access the business benefits of the cloud. Whether you’re a start up business or looking to grow your organisation, why not speak to us about where you are on your tech journey?

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