Is your business agile enough to embrace change?

As you will probably be aware, we are currently experiencing a massive change in the way day to day business operates and also how our leisure time is spent.  The days of a 9 to 5 Monday to Friday working week are rapidly disappearing and the “millennial” generation entering the workplace are demanding better tools for work and more flexible employment arrangements.

Not everyone suits working ‘standard’ business hours, some may be much more productive late evening, where others are particularly efficient early in the day.  This generation in particular are comfortable with communicating via video and expect almost instant responses, as this is what they have become accustomed to in their personal lives from their peers

Business models have shifted. Think about each of the new businesses booming right now. Airbnb are the largest hotel chain in the world, yet they own no hotels. Uber, the largest taxi firm own no cars. The world’s biggest movie house is Netflix, yet they own no cinemas. Times have changed while some major player’s backs were turned. Many are now having to play catch-up in order to survive.

Social media has come of age and it’s still setting trends for how both modern and traditional businesses will need to operate to retain their customers. Smart businesses are now following up orders with text messages or instant, automated Facebook messenger confirmations offering further assistance, complimentary products and services and shipping updates.

All of this adds value to the sale in the customer’s eyes and therefore makes it more likely for them to return to them and buy with confidence in the future. Think about it, would you rather a business keeps you informed of your order or project throughout the process, or be left in the dark by a company who fails to keep you updated?

Facebook are currently adding more and more functionality to their Messenger platform, adding new features on a regular basis to encourage simple collaborative relationships. Realising that attention is drifting from the classic timeline, Facebook are looking to capitalise on the uptake of their Messenger platform.

50% of revenues now come from sources that were in their infancy 10 years ago. Facebook’s community groups are generating millions of financial interactions everyday via Messenger, using PayPal as a funding source. For example, you could find a rare vinyl record, take a photo, upload it to the relevant groups and sell it for hundreds of pounds seconds later, with the income safely nestling in your bank account, all from your smartphone.  This, as predicted by Bill Gates in his Year 2000 book release, is “Business at the speed of Thought” and it’s here to stay.

As modern businesses, we need to ensure we give the future talent of our workplace the right tools and technologies to flourish and prosper in these rapidly moving times. It’s imperative that business invests in agile, cloud based technologies to ensure their companies and employees can continue to offer instant, high quality customer care to ensure their long-term retention.

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